Danger is lurking around nearly every corner in our survival games. They can definitely get a bit intense! Will you be able to outwit and outlast your enemies? You’ll be going up against relentless psychopaths as well as some really troublesome monsters who definitely have too much time on their hands, paws, and/or claws. There's also quite a few booby traps you’ll have to deal with in the adventure games. Dodge poisonous arrows while you race across collapsing platforms and go in search of tons of ancient artifacts.

All the zombies in our thrilling collection of horror games will definitely keep you on your toes. You know how to deal with them though, right? Use tons of awesome weapons to send them to their graves! There's also quite a few RPG games that you'll find in this category. Manage your resources and allies wisely while you fight to survive in kingdoms full of peril. Will you live to fight another day in these exciting online games?


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